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What We Do

We provide targeted advertising to prospective families in South Florida. For 10 years, readers have come to us for our comprehensive directories, unbiased information and well-researched content. We advocate for the vast programs, methods and approaches to education in order to match prospective students with the private school that best fits their learning style and needs. By connecting children and programs through curriculum and philosophy, we have the opportunity to create a supportive learning environment for the whole family.

Private Schools Guide of South Florida

 A parent’s resource in their search for quality education. A comprehensive guide to private schools in South Florida and their programs, curriculum, philosophy and achievements.  

Summer Camp Fun

A parent’s guide to making summer vacation a more personalized and tailored experience for their kids! South Florida’s most comprehensive directory on all kinds of fun for all kinds of kids.

Summer Camp Fun Fair

A day of FUN for the whole family, come and see what’s in store for this summer! South Florida’s best summer programs will have representatives on hand ready to show you what their programs have to offer your kids this summer!